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Know Child's Interest

We provide career guidance to parents and children.

Positive Psychology

We train them to add positive psycholoy in their lives and manage their positive and negative emotions.

Focus on mindset & Self-Development

We train them to add traits of successful people like grit, growth mindset, resillience,confidence and clarity.
We mentor them on habits and goal setting.
We aim at shaping their beliefs, thoughts,behavior and habits that help them reach their goals and dreams.

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Why Genius Mentor

Be the change

Change is the law of nature. Then why our teachings and practices be same hundred years old. "What has not served us in the past, will not serve us in the present and certainly not in the future too." So, let's join and change together for our better, for our future.

Life is to rise

70 % of people live life to survive and in stress. Life is to learn and grow, not to be stressed and depressed. We believe in working on child's brain and core values that will help them to rise as a strong and better human being. Let's give our child a happy life.

Child's interest matter

8 in 10 people are dissatisfied with their jobs. We parents spend lakhs of money on our child's education without knowing their interest. It's them who has to live this life. Their interest should matter to us. Let's children decide who they want to be.

Grow as community

We believe we have a larger role to play as a society. It's not about only our child, but our future generation. We believe in learning and growing together.Together we will work on our present, so that we can have a better future. Let's make this change together.

Our Services

Genius Mentor is an online career guidance platform. We provide positive psychology mentoring and brain development course to children.

Parents/Teachers Workshop

We provide parenting and teaching session.

Career Counselling

We help you know your child's interest based on psychometric test.

Positive Psychology

To build strong mindset to tackle future pressure and align with life goals.

Brain Development Course

Courses to learn new tricks to sharpen your brain.