About GeniusMentor

"Genius Mentor believe that every child has a hero inside them and is capable to do extraordinary things. But,we are trained to live in medicority and as an average. Genius Mentor believes in disrupting the dogma- change , transform and evolve a new thought process for parents,educators and children"

Who Are We

We are first online career guidance service that focus on child's mindset and brain. We aim at transforming our current education system and help them learn the subjects that truly mattter in their lives.

Our Vision

We envision to help our children to have career clarity, self-belief,self-love, art to manage their emotions and a mindset of a leader. Long term vision is to make this curriculum a part of our education system, where focus is not marks and report cards but rather mindset and behavioral report cards.

What we do

We provide online career guidance and brain development course. Our curriculum focuses on child's mindset and enhancing their belief, thoughts, habits and actions that help them create a life of their own choice.

Our Mission

We aim at re-designing our current education system and giving it a new definiton. Education is a life-long process, but sadly our educators,parents ,teachers believe that education is all about marks and report cards. Education is infact, the ability to make decisons in you life. It's the ability to overcome failure, It's the art to learn from mistakes. It's to show resillience in tough situations. It's the ability to learn and grow, which is unfortunately not being taught in schools. Education is not only learning facts and figures, but education should prepare children for life. Genius mentor aim at providing such education to our children.